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My name is Binaramali Witanapatirana, since that is a long traditional Sri Lankan name... most people call me Binari. I am currently living in Lubbock, Texas and working as a grpahic deisgner for Texas Tech University Undergraduate Admissions. I have also worked at Publicis Hawkeye and Idea Grove in Dallas designing things that go on a lovely stock! I've always considered myself to be a print deisgner, but at my current job I've got to dabble in digital and social media deisgn as well, and I'm starting to like it... A LOT!

As a designer I enjoy all elements of design - from something as technical as designing and building a website, to the handmade forms of design. I do however have an obsession for typography, publication, and stationery. I specialize in publication, web, and art direction, so all of your design needs can be met.

When I'm not designing, I like to travel. Growing up my family traveled across the world a lot, so I have grown to really enjoy meeting new people and learning about new cultures. And finally, feel free to say hello . If you dream of color-coordinated closets, believe that happiness is a stack of unread magazines, and books should indeed be judged by their covers – I think we’d hit it off right away.



Let’s get in touch! If you have some feedback, are interested in learning more about my work, would like to say hello, or even interested in creating a group for people with long names that no one else can pronounce, please fill out the form. And if forms aren’t your kind of thing, simply shoot me an email at binariw@gmail.com. I always respond to inquiries as soon as possible.

PS. Don’t worry, I’m Sri Lankan nice.

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