ART 4350


"East African bakery" is a website dedicated to a bakery in Minnesota that provides top-quality, authentic breads to groceries, restaurants and ethnic markets across the region. The website is a vertical layout. The website has a big background image that is spread across the whole page. The type is placed in different parts of the image to make it more interactive. The layout, color combination and fonts used in the East African Bakery site is simply stunning, conveying the true authenticity of the business. Using a horizontal storybook format, everything is presented in the most aesthetically pleasing way. I think the graphic elements definitely capture the essence of the company, but also their food. I really enjoyed how much they thought about each element on the page. The different elements on the page give the viewer a sense of homemade products instead of machine made. The elements work around the information thus the eye is drawn to the text and isn’t distracting. The horizontal navigation was very fitting for the website, it added to the scrapbook kind of experience of the website. The website used .jpgs and text was position over the images.

Link to the website