ART 4350


“Whoa Nelly” is a catering company owned by two passionate cooks, Stephanie and Elizabeth. The company originates from California and they do catering for events of all sizes. The website not only promotes their company, but also their love for good fres food. They have a strong relationship with the local farmers market and thus their menus change depending on what is seasonally available and they also make sure the menu for the event reflects the client they are catering for.They don’t have videos or sound effect intergrated to the website, but very bright and fresh. The visual components of the website can be summarized as a blend of modern and vintage, have a combination of gorgeous dated illustrations paired with well-photographed pictures showcasing their food and their process. The layout of the website is a vertical scroll, thus the website is to be experienced as a whole. Even though it is a vertical layout, a lot of their interactions are horizontal (testimonials and photo galleries), that breaks the monotony and adds a nice visual balance to the website. I really enjoyed the photo gallery because it is not traditional and the simplicity of their navigation bar. I like how it is not overbearing even though there is a lot going on and i think this was achieved through encorparating the white background. Type also plays a large role in this website, and finiding that right balance of display text and reading text is also something I would incorporate into my website.

Link to the website