ART 4350


This site showcases the design and illustration work of Jen Adrion and Omar Nory. Their range of work includes modern cartographic goods, draw informational illustrations, 
and write about the business of art at Making It! Thus the portfolio website of the dynamic duo fittingly makes use of excellent little illustrations. The website does not employ videos or sounds, but is primarily focused on the graphics. The style of graphics in their website mimics the style of their work. It employs a subtle and restrained color palette with a scrolling effect again being used to animate the icons and tell their story in a perfectly engaging way. Having the couple move into different settings is interacting and refreshing. Each different setting has a lot of personality, which makes the designers more accessible. I think the graphic elements definitely capture the essence of the company, but also the two designers. The couple moving into different settings was the feature I enjoyed the most. It was interactive and fun. Each setting allowed them to share more about them without having to put It down in words. They used .jpgs with parallax to achieve the layers effects.

Link to the website