ART 4350


Every Last Drop is an interactive website which takes a detailed look at how much water we waste on a daily basis. Through the attractive scroll function, the facts are engagingly brought to life through the animated graphics. The facts are presented to the viwer through a quirky little character, going about his daily tasks. The viewer is able to learn more about how water is wasted in our lives without us realizing it. The website concludes in a short animation about saving water (voiced by a guy with a British accent. WOW!). The graphics are fun and appeals to a variety of age groups. They are done in a cartoonish style and the facts are quirky and informative. The main interaction the viewer gets is scrolling down to different pages where the setting changes. Their video presentation at the end of the presentation was very informative and captured the essence of the subject. The best feature for me was the use of parallax effect to create lays that formed one setting. I also enjoyed how not every page was filled with facts and figures of how much water is wasted. The website used .jpgs with parallax effect and .mov for the video presentation at the end. They also used .gifs for some of the animated images.

Link to the website