ART 4350


Poppies Flowers is a charming site with a chalkboard style background and typography creating an authentic handpicked feel, which the business is all about. Sally and her team specialize in creating vintage whimsical flower arrangements for daily occasions and big events (ex: weddings). The graphics employed in the website is a mix between hand drawn elements and photography. The titles and the navigation bar are in hand drawn type. The photographs have a vintage filter on them and are further decorated by hand drawn elements. They use a simple sans serif for their text. The website had few elements which allowed the viewer to interact (ex: photo galleries and the navigation bar). There was a nice flow to the website and every page was consistent, but not identical. My favorite part of the website was their landing page and I think it embodies the business well. It has a delicate and hands picked feel to it. The best feature of the website was their integration of hand drawn elements. I think it tied all the elements on the page together and guided the viewer around the webpage. The website did not use a lot of different file types, it was predominantly .jpgs.

Link to the website