ART 4350


Valley Isle Aquatics is a website in Hawai for one of their aquatic centers. This website is a good example of poorly designed sites. The color palate is too bright; there aren't any neutral tones to balance out the brightness of the page. There is a bit of hierarchy in terms of the logo and the titles, however the navigation is very poor. There are a lot of sub groups and is very confusing to a viewer. The type treatment is not sophisticated; there is no logical reasoning for different type treatments. The different colors and type variations does not aid the viewer navigate through the page, rather confuses them. The website does not employ many images, which I think is a big downfall. Images get people’s attention more that words, and maybe through the use of images they can eliminate large body of text. There is also a bit of inconsistency through out the website, the majority of the pages use the bright yellow background, however the payment page employs a different background. The inconsistency can confuse the viewer, especially on a page where they talk about payments. The whole ambiance of the website make it seem like it is catered towards a much younger audience, however the information is targeting the older audience. I think one of the main ways they can improve is through using more images and cutting down the amount of text. Within the text they should pick maybe 2 color variations, the use of multiple colors result in the website looking overly childish.

Link to the website