ART 4350

Martina Sperl

For my responsive website I chose Martina Sperl Polesterei website. The website is in German (I think), but I can only assume this website is about Martina Sperl and the business she started, which happens to be upholstery. The Website has beautiful typography and imagery. They really enhance the design and compliment each other. The imagery helps you understand the nature of the business, but also illustrate a sense of professionalism. The images are artistic and seem to be the focal point of the website.

The website is responsive, and does adjust to different screen sizes. For bigger screen sizes the website has a hidden navigation bar on the right size that appears when scrolling. For screen sizes for tablets, the navigation moves to the top and is fixed. For smaller screens (smartphones) the navigation moves up to its own bar at the top of the page. It is fixed and doesn’t interact with the rest of the design.

Link to the website